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The best way I know of to adequately describe "Journeys" is to share some reader comments with you.  And here they are:

"Hi! This is Lindsay! I was very touched by your story (Bedtime), because my Dad and I do not have a close relationship, and after I read your story, I walked up to my Dad, hugged him, and said 'I love you' for the very first time.  Thank you for opening my eyes! Sincerely, Lindsay"

"I'm a 28 year-old computer animator in Los Angeles, CA.  I hate to read.  I rarely do it.  I found your anecdotal situations lively and perfect length for me. I've read a couple of your stories and was just about brought to tears.  You have a wonderful wit and a keen sense of capturing a moment.  I look forward to reading the rest and seeing more in the future.   Wonderful work.  Bob"

"Good day! I've just read your stories-they are, every one of them, marvelous. Thank you for a great morning of reading.  Shannon"

"You're a true writer.  You have the indispensible ingredients:  A view and a voice. You had me laughing and crying. I couldn't stop reading, although I hadn't intended to spend much time at your site, really. You brought my childhood back to me: the country, the language, the '57 Chevy(!), the emotional roller-coaster of wanting to be and do everything at once, the years of Vietnam, the beauty of losing yourself in doing what you love.  Thanks.  Donna"

"You're one heck of a good writer.  I felt like I was in the car with you. Theresa"

I just finished reading your story 'A Hero,' and wanted to comment and encourage you. There was no big, heavy plot----just folks like most people used to be (and some still are). Kaye"

"'The Christmas Tree' is (perfect).  I encourage you...to keep this exactly as it is.  It is beautiful, as is any other piece which makes someone cry while they read it. L.S

Excerpts From Journeys

"It's like we're all connected in our family."
"Is it?" I ask her, puzzled at where this one is going.
"Um-humm.  It's like everyone in our family is connected by this great big long string, and that no matter what we do or where we go, we'll always be connected by that string, and so it's sort of like we'll be together no matter what."

From "Bedtime"

"This was it.  The unproven was happening.  All the things I knew were wrong about saying yes raced through my mind.  I could hear my parents saying it was too dangerous, telling me not to go.  It was a possibility that I could end up scattered all over a country road, intermingled with smoking 1962 Corvette convertible parts.  I knew this, and the thought scared me silly.  I could feel myself shaking inside."

From "Two Four Barrels"

"Of course, Fred, fun-loving guy that he was, had been taking this all in, looking backwards, while running full speed ahead.  When Fred came to a full realization of the scope of what was happening to me, he broke out in an explosion of Freddy laughter.  He was still laughing, looking backward and running forward, when he ran straight off the edge of the six foot high shale wall above the Spodak's rose garden."

From "We Used to Take the Garbage Out on Saturday
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