Hal Houghton
About Hal
Hal was born in upstate New York.  His travels have taken him to many states and different countries.  He also attended a war that someone was giving.  All of these experiences, and many more, exposed him to not only amazing places, but memorable people, as well.

Hal has multiple degrees in English and Business, and he spent over 18 years in corporate America before deciding that he and it were not even a distant match.  With that realization understood, Hal opened a small business that deals with the restoration and preservation of various classic car, truck, and boat components for restorers and owners worldwide. He also works as the video producer for his wife's company, which creates and distributes learning DVDs for children. Additionally, he is a voice over actor, whose demos can be heard at HoughtonAssocs.com.

Hal has been married for over 34 years.  His wife is a teacher. They have a son and a daughter. His son is a computer programmer, and his daughter is a musician and entrepreneur.

Writing has been an important part of Hal's life. He feels a very special link to his experiences, a certain way to share them, and reader reaction to them. The epitaph he would expect?  The last line of one of his poems:  "Ah well, that hill is next, and I intend to climb it high.  Goodbye."
Hal's book "Journeys" is a trip down memory lane.  Take a blazing ride in a classic Corvette, see how it feels to say goodnight to your young daughter, then remember it 20 years later, share old friends--say hello to some for the first time in years and tearful final goodbyes to others. Listen in as the 70 year old man shares his warm wisdom with the 17 year old kid, as the 73 year old tavern keeper tells his lifelong story that begins with his new tavern in a place so wild there were only footpaths, feel what it was like to work in the now-gone service station, walk and run with two kids out for a nighttime adventure in the neighborhood, take a ride in a 57 Chevy through the fragrant summer night air, and visit GIs in Southeast Asia at Christmas time, as they encircle a tiny Christmas tree and share hopes and dreams. Laugh and cry through the stories, poems, and prose...and remember.
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