Hal Houghton
                                          Author of "Journeys."

Welcome.  I have gone down many roads and sat and talked with so many real, substantial people.
The common thread is always time.  Funny thing.
"Journeys" is my account of some of those roads and people.  Walk with me awhile, if you will.  I
think you'll recognize some of the experiences.  And, should you be kind enough to buy a copy of my book, I think it just might become one of those in your collection that becomes dog-eared and worn through the years as you return to it again and again.
Enjoy the journey.
"I'm a 28 year old computer animator in Los Angeles, CA.  I hate to read; I rarely do it.  I found your anecdotal situations lively and perfect length for me.  I've read a couple of your stories and was just about brought to tears.  You have a wonderful wit and a keen sense of capturing a moment.  I look forward to reading the rest and seeing more in the future.  Wonderful work. Bob"

"Hi! This is Lindsay. I was very touched by your story (Bedtime), because my Dad and I do not have a close relationship, and after I read your story, I walked up to my Dad, hugged him, and said'I love you' for the very first time.  Thank you for opening my eyes!  Sincerely, Lindsay"

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